Was it worth it?

Well, folks, it all came to nought.

I managed to attract just 407 votes from the Bassetlaw electorate, one of which was my own.

Was it worth it? No, of course it wasn't. All the foot-slogging, all the expense, all the time, energy and commitment has left me with very little to show for my efforts. I tried as hard as I could to warn the people of this constituency of the harsh realities but, frankly, very few seemed to give a damn.

Again and again the British people rightly complain about so many of the things I, myself, was critical of during the course of the campaign. However, even though I would have been, pretty obviously, much more inclined to give them what they want than the establishment politician, the majority, yet again, opted for more of the same.

Aren't we always saying that we want our politicians honest? Well, no one can accuse me of not telling it straight. I dared to say many of the things that those who rule our lives routinely try to keep hidden from us. However, despite insisting that they want their politicians to tell the truth, the voters didn't seem to want it from me.

So be it.

If most are content to have even more of what's been on offer for the last thirty years, (88.1% voted for the Conservatives, New Labour or the Lib Dems) they can have it.

I've done my duty by my kith and kin.

I doubt that I'll be doing it again.

My thanks and gratitude to those who were concerned enough at the way things are now to cast their vote for me.

By the way, the political party that the Bassetlaw constituents have just voted for (in even greater numbers) has just agreed to give between £9.6 and £13 BILLION to the EU's bail-out fund "should Spain or Portugal go the way of Greece".


So you can add that to the trillions we non-elite Brits will, through no fault of our own, be forced to cough up over the coming decades. For the most part, China and the Blair/Brown-cuddled moneymen, whose fanatic greed created the world-wide insolvency in the first place, will be the beneficiaries of our indebtedness.

As the wise man said, ladies and gentlemen:

"If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got"!

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