Information contained in the John Mann leaflet

John Mann voted for the invasion of Iraq. (Along with all but 16 Tories)

He even voted to give sole discretion to the Prime Minister of the day (Blair and Brown) in the matter of waging war! In other words, he was all for eliminating the need for Parliament's approval either to go to or continue to wage war.

I, like many others, would not have voted to launch this immoral/illegal war.

John Mann's voting record tells us he was against having an investigation into the Iraq war.

I say tell us the whole truth! Tell us who lied! Tell us who knew what was really afoot but didn't say!

John Mann, just like Blair, Brown and David Cameron, voted against letting us have the EU referendum that the New Labour and Tory leaders PROMISED.

I, like the vast majority of the British people, would have held a referendum.

John Mann voted for the introduction of even more "racial and religious hatred" law.

Over the decades, such law has tried to stop us complaining about the negative effects of mass migration. I would not have voted for any more of this kind of Brit-bashing, politically correct legislation.

A good few MPs voted for all post offices to be saved and, if necessary, subsidised.

I would have voted similarly.

Mann did not.

John Mann voted to introduce ID cards and, thereby, to broaden the scope of the already intrusive Big Brother surveillance state.

No problem with issuing ID cards to migrants/criminals but leave the law-abiding majority alone!

John Mann voted to allow unmarried and homosexual couples the right to adopt.

He also voted for gay marriage and the repeal of section 28. Local authorities are now allowed to PROMOTE homosexuality if they so wish.

I would not have voted for these things.

John Mann voted for the introduction of student top-up fees.

Those who voted for top up fees and, thereby, chose to saddle our brightest young people with EVEN MORE DEBT are a disgrace in my book.

John Mann voted to introduce foundation hospitals.

I would not have voted to see the NHS privatised by the back door.

In my opinion, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have both betrayed the British people.

According to the web site, They Work for You.com, Mann voted the same way as them 100 per cent of the time since he entered parliament!

In the light of the holier-than-thou role Mann was seen playing throughout the disgraceful EXPENSES saga, it would, perhaps, be instructive to see what extra funding this lowly back-bench MP thought he, himself, merited.

If we go to the aforementioned web site, They Work for You.com, (which keeps a close eye on the behaviour of MPs) we are informed that MANN CLAIMED MORE IN EXPENSES THAN MOST MPs EVERY YEAR BETWEEN THE TIME HE ARRIVED IN PARLIAMENT IN 2001 AND 2009!

Indeed, in his first year as an MP, when he claimed £109,635, only 18 of the 646 British MPs dared to claim more parliamentary expenses than the newly inaugurated MP for Bassetlaw.

Mann’s expenses can be viewed here:


John Mann is the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Anti-Semitism.

Jewish folk represent 0.5 per cent of the British population. This particular percentage contains a good many of the richest, most powerful, most politically influential and well protected people in the UK. Personally, I think it would have been nice if he had set up a Parliamentary Group that protested against anti-Britishness. You know, one that spoke up for the indigenous majority? There isn’t one, you see.

I wonder why Mr Mann would rather spend his time sniffing out "anti-Semitism" when, according to the 12 February 2009 edition of The Jewish Chronicle, “he has only ever come across one Jew in his Bassetlaw constituency”!

Thing is, it wasn’t the Jewish community that Thatcher, Blair and Brown spent so much of their time kicking the proverbial out of, was it? It was those the Labour Party was formed to represent who suffered most.

It was those who got Mann into Westminster in the first place.



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